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Futurotica [English]

The word ‘snu-snu’ has become popular from the popular cartoon series “Futurama” but clearly it’s only a hentai parody genre that can develope this theme and provide you with adults only content. It’s about aliens and humans, friends and foes, youngsters and oldies and robots as well as androids in these comics you’re likely to see the most diversity of snu snu’ing!

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[Drawn-Sex] Futurama

All fans of “Futurama” series will know the fact that Amy Wong is one very hot gal, but at times she becomes so horny that she even finds the old Professor sexually attractive: she strips down for him and let him to do all the things that she was dreaming about for avery very long time! Does that sound like a lot of work? Never underestimate the technological advancements of the future!

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